Hi there!

My name's João Pereira .

I'm a senior iOS developer from Aveiro, Portugal.

I've lead the development of multiple apps used by thousands of users, delivering high-quality, clean and maintainable code.

When I'm not crafting apps, I help organize SwiftAveiro.

Also love Python and tinkering with servers.

Find me on Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn.


I've five years of experience working exclusively on iOS development and crafted several apps for very different markets. You can find more detailed info by requesting my CV or on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, I made a couple of personal apps for fun and experimentation.


A tongue-in-cheek football pundit app; useful for those who don't follow football but still want to pitch in their friends' discussions.

Featured in ProductHunt

For anyone that wants to pretend they've a pair of Snapchat Spectacles.

Featured in ProductHunt


I am one the core founders of SwiftAveiro, Portugal’s largest iOS-dedicated conference. We’ve organised three editions now and run a workshop-based format that was been widely praised by the community (originally seen in the SwiftAlps conference).

We wrote an article a while back about this format here.

The fourth edition will be held in June (the actual dates will be announced soon), 2019 and will have 60 participants and 12 mentors.